Merge Two Objects And Array To Object In JavaScript

How two merge two objects or transform an array into an object in JavaScript

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Merge Two Objects

const bruno = {
sing: true,
song: 'Treasure'

const ratm = {
type: 'band',
song: 'Bombtrack'

const result = {...bruno, ...ratm};


// -> {sing: true, song: "Bombtrack", type: "band"}

Array To Object

// {name: string, genre: string}[]
const bands = [
name: 'Ratm',
genre: 'rock'
name: 'Bruno',
genre: 'Pop'
// {ratm: string, bruno: string}
const artists = bands.reduce(
(obj, item) => {
obj[] = item.genre;
return obj;


// {Ratm: "rock", Bruno: "Pop"}


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