Introducing: Tie Tracker

A simple, open source and free time tracking app ⏱️

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Back Story

Last December, in between clients’ projects, I had some spare time to learn new concepts. Of all of interesting subjects out there, one particular retained my attention: improving my React skills and giving a real try to Redux.


The application helps track productivity and billable hours for a list of clients and projects. Each entries can be billed. It also supports miscellaneous currencies and optionally a VAT rate.

  • ✅ Assign time to clients and projects
  • ✅ Mark entries as billed


For my company, I use a third party online accounting system to generate my client’s bill. When I send these, I join a report of every worked hours I spent on the projects for the selected period. So far, I was editing these timesheets manually but fortunately, I can now extract these on demand directly from Tie Tracker 😄.

  • ✅ Weekly work summary
  • ✅ Daily list of activities


Of course I had to implement some goodies 😉. One of these is an hourly reminder, through local notifications, about a task in progress. This notably took me some iterations before being stable, mobile development sometimes needs patience 😅.

  • Weekly backup
  • Hourly notification for task in progress (only mobile devices)

Open Source

Obviously, at least for the few of you who are reading my articles time to time, knowing that I have got an “open source mindset per default”, how could it have been different? Tie Tracker is open source, licensed under license AGPL v3 and above, its source code is available on GitHub and contributions are most welcomed 🙏.

What’s Next

I have used Tie Tracker for three months now and I have billed several clients with it, therefore it already improved my daily work life. However, there are still two features I would like to develop and if there would be a public interests for an online mode in order to save the data in the cloud, I would consider to go further. Get in touch if you are interested!

Freelancer by day | Creator of DeckDeckGo by night | Organizer of the Ionic and IndieHackers Zürich Meetup

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