Hi Ramon,

Thx a lot for the positive feedback 😃

Sure, here the implementation of my website.

The HttpInterceptorService: https://github.com/fluster/fluster-website/blob/1089cd1b53723a98e0632c89f303586e34aa3de8/src/providers/core/http/http-interceptor-service.ts

And how I declare if in app.module.ts: https://github.com/fluster/fluster-website/blob/1089cd1b53723a98e0632c89f303586e34aa3de8/src/app/app.module.ts#L61

Regarding this interceptor, it’s all you need. Doing so it will intercept/process all http requests of the app.

Let me know if you’ve got more questions, happy to help

Freelancer by day | Creator of DeckDeckGo by night | Organizer of the Ionic and IndieHackers Zürich Meetup

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