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  • Matt Netkow

    Matt Netkow

    Head of Developer Relations at Ionic, @Pluralsight Author, #PhoneGap | #Cordova consulting, Entrepreneur via @Fitwatchr & @BeerSwift. Aspiring Batman.

  • Giancarlo Buomprisco

    Giancarlo Buomprisco

    UI Consultant & Technical Writer. I write about JS, TS, Rx, Angular & all things Front End 🇬🇧 🇮🇹 — write me at gc@frontend.consulting!



    Software engineer, Entrepreneur (Mandrake-Linux 1998, Ulteo 2006, /e/ 2017), Open Source advocate. https://www.indidea.org/gael/blog/about-gael-duval/

  • Justin Willis

    Justin Willis

    Program Manager at Microsoft (on the PAX Web team) helping push PWAs forward. Formerly dev relations at Ionic.

  • Matthias Junker

    Matthias Junker

    freelancer, software craftsman, coach @swctrng, prev. organizer @UphillConf, Guitarist @DeanWake

  • Thomas Rubattel

    Thomas Rubattel

    Front-end developer based in Tokyo and Zürich

  • Magnus Wuttke

    Magnus Wuttke

    Open source enthusiast and computer science student at ETH Zurich and Research Fellow at the ETH Library Lab, rethinking and designing information cycles.

  • Addison Schultz

    Addison Schultz

    Product Specialist @framer! Posting about anything from design to development

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