A guideline that helps develop Angular applications and libraries in a reactive programming way with RxJS.


The rule is not strict, it is a guideline, like the code of the pirates…

An approach of the data persistence for web applications with the Internet Computer of the DFINITY foundation.

  • a “futuristic 🤯” one: generate a database-like smart contract on the fly for each deck created by a user


The scope of this blog post is limited to simple…

The singleton and factory design pattern, implemented with TypeScript. Explained with a hairdresser and an ice creams shop examples.

Eisvogel — The best ice creams in Zürich


An introduction to deploy web applications on the decentralized blockchain network of the DFINITY foundation.

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For our project I chose the path to set up everything by my own, using the DFINITY SDK and tools. The following information, notably these regarding cost and deployment, are linked to such approach.

Can our web editor for slides work on the futuristic internet of the DFINITY foundation? Let’s figure it out.

Source: DFINITY press kit + DeckDeckGo logo


DeckDeckGo is a web open source editor for slides. Unlike other tools, presentations can be published and viewed online or shared as Progressive Web Apps (PWA). The editor works on all devices (laptop, mobile, etc.), …

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I am not a statistician nor an expert in the redaction and interpretation of polls. …

A practical hack to make CSS nth- selectors variable within Web Components.

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Stricto sensu the following trick is not reserve to Web Components and, probably works with any elements too. I just only used it so far with such technology 😜.

How to bundle ESM, IIFE or CommonJS libraries with esbuild.

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esbuild is “an extremely fast JavaScript bundler” made by Evan Wallace. It is its tagline and, according my tests, the least we can say is that it is true. It is blazing fast ⚡️.

Source forum resetera


The MutationObserver interface provides the ability to watch for changes being made the DOM tree (source MDN Web Docs).

Import Markdown files as Docs only pages, use a CDN to load dependencies & sort stories.

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Import Markdown Files Into StorybookJS

One particularly cool feature of StencilJS is that, out of the box, it auto-generates readme.md files in markdown from the code’s comments. Isn’t that neat?

David Dal Busco

Freelancer by day | Creator of DeckDeckGo by night | Organizer of the Ionic and IndieHackers Zürich Meetup

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